NOTE: We can accommodate players only on Saturday, unless breakfast or lunch tickets are purchased.
No guests, please.



  1. All men hit from the blue tees. Seniors over 65 (except on par 3's) will hit from the white tees. Super seniors (age 85 & older) and women hit from the green tees. Captain selects the best ball. All subsequent shots are hit from that spot until the hole is completed.
  2. Improve lie in fairway, within one club length, no nearer the hole.
  3. In rough, play first ball as it lies. Place other balls within one club length from the same conditions, no nearer the hole.
  4. In sand trap, play first ball as it lies, pleace other balls within one club length within sand trap, no nearer the hole.
  5. Once a ball goes into the cup, the hole is considered complete. If other members of your team have not had a putt and a lower net score is possible, mark the ball, do not hole out.

Rotate the fourth shot using an alternating pattern determined before playing your first hole.

Captain selects four (4) to putt on each green.

Golfers with handicaps of 6 or less are limited to 12 tee shots, including par 3's. This will be noted on your scorecard.